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 Custom Rubber Stamps and Stamp Accessories

Rubber Stamps and Accessories... We proudly invite you to browse our online store for all your rubber stamp needs. When you're ready to order, simply go back to our Online Printshop and click on the rubber stamp graphic or hyper-text link.


Stamp Pads...
stamp accessories - stamp pads and inks
Stamp pads for use with hand stamps and replacement pads for self-inking stamps.

Our ink pads are available in three sizes: jumbo, large, and small. And, they come in four color choices: red, black, blue, and green.

Prices for our ink pads range from $20 for the Jumbo to $7 for the small.

Stamp Inks... Stamp ink for use in re-inking stamps and stamp pads.

Our ink refill bottles come in red, black, blue, and green. They are only $3.00 per bottle.


pre-inked rubber stamps
Pre-inked rubber stamps come with your choice of ink color pre-installed.

Always inked and ready to stamp, AcclaimID pre-inked stamps will cut your worktime in half - whether in the office or at home. Uses include: mailing, faxing and receiving documents, filing documents, and much more.

Self-Inking... Self-inking rubber stamps have a built in ink pad that automatically inks the stamp die after each impression. You can literally make thousands of impressions without re-inking. And, when necessary, these stamps are a brease to re-ink with bottled ink or a new replacement pad.
pre-inked rubber stamps

AcclaimID self-inking stamps are designed for ease of use and superior quality impressions. Our unique design features make it both easy and pleasurable to use.

No separate stamp pad is needed. You simply stamp your paper/document and move on to the next task.

Our self-inking stamps are built to produce thousands of high quality impressions without re-inking.

Available in red, green, blue, or black ink.

Wooden Handle... The "original" rubber stamp!

AcclaimID rubber stamps are an efficient, low-cost rubber stamp great for use in many applicaitons. (A separate stamp pad is required.) Since wooden handle rubber stamps do not have a built-in ink pad, a wooden handle stamp is especially handy for applications where you may wish to use different colored inks without having to swap out the inks or altogehter change stamps.
pre-inked rubber stamps

Much like our self-inking and pre-inked stamps, wooden handle rubber stamps are designed for professional quality marking and thousands of impressions.

AcclaimID offers a unique online design system which allows you to create your custom rubber stamp in just a few short minutes. Simply enter your personal information (name, company name, address, phone, etc.) into our database, choose artwork from our clipart library, or upload your own custom logo/artwork - all with the click of a few buttons.

We will soon expand our system to accept pre-designed artwork. This is especially handy for advertising agencies, graphic designers, or anyone who wants to design their own business card - using software already on their individual computers.

* Free shipping for a limited time only.

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How To Order Your Rubber Stamp or Stamp Supplies...

Step 1:   Go back to our Online Printshop and click on the rubber stamps graphic or hyper-text link.
Step 2:   Choose from the four categories available: stamp accessoires (ink, pads, etc.), pre-inked rubber stamps, self-inking rubber stamps, or wooden handle stamps.
Step 3:   If you choose "accessories," you'll be asked to pick the ink color for your accessory item. Then, you'll be taken directly to the shopping cart (Step 6 below).
Step 4:   If you choose any of our rubber stamp models (pre-inked, self-inking, or wooden handle), you'll be taken to the layout screen (Step 5 below) to enter your personal or company information to be printed on the stamp.
Step 5:   Once you're happy with your design layout, click on the "Add to Cart" button.
Step 6:   Verify your order in the shopping cart and press the "Proceed to Checkout" button.
Step 7:   Login or register with us for access to advanced features. (Free process which allows us to serve you better. Simply enter your desired username and password.)
Step 8:   Enter your payment information.

That's all there is to it. Your order will be printed and shipped to you ASAP!

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